From the luxurious to the practical Halo Living offers the choice between Lifestyle Plans and OnDemand Services designed to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE.


Halo understands no two clients are alike. With extensive experience in managing the private lives of busy individuals we have created four unique Lifestyle Plans around you to ensure the best experience and service you can buy. In exchange you receive 24/7 support from your devoted Lifestyle Manager who will over time - get to know you, your property and the rhythm of your life.


Get to Know Us
Try Our Services

10 hours


Save Time and Let
Us Do More For You

25 hours


The Ultimate Experience
Save Time, Money and Resources

40 hours


Where you can pay as you go. It is more transactional and focused on getting tasks done on a more infrequent basis.


Whichever option you choose rest assured you will always experience the prestige, exclusivity, discretion and excellence that is synonymous with Halo Living

Halo Living offers Personalized Lifestyle plans designed to make your life easier.

From the luxurious to the practical Halo makes the details of your Property and Lifestyle needs EFFORTLESS by offering both Lifestyle Plans and On Demand Services. Lifestyle plans for clients who are looking for ongoing Services throughout the year and an On Demand options for clients looking to utilize our services on a more infrequent basis.

A premium experience through Quality in Execution, Quality in Service, Quality in every detail.