Case Study – Geoff and Nancy

“We are very happy to have Halo onboard. We waited too long to make the call!”

The Challenge:

This new client is very busy and had a large “To Do” List that was not getting done.

The Solution:

A friend recommended they call Halo to assist in the completion of projects around their property. After an initial meeting to discuss the details Halo jumped in and assisted the client with accomplishing the following:

  • Arranged for an electrician to upgrade all lighting and fix electrical issues throughout the house
  • Arrange for blind and awning company to check and fix all interior battery operated blinds
  • Arranged with plumber to have taps and shower handle replaced in master bathroom
  • Had shower door handle fixed
  • Arranged to have interior rooms painted
  • Looked into new filtration system for tap at kitchen sink
  • Arranged new bin placement service for weekly garbage and recycling management
  • Ordered a custom garbage storage container for bins for side of the house
  • Re-visited a landscape design plan for both front and rear of the property with Halo’s landscape
  • Construction company with the goal of having it completed before the winter
  • Arranged for exterior repair and paint of house by obtaining quotes from carpenter and painter
  • Arranged interior cleaning of rugs, stair runners and furniture
  • Had carpet removed for repair and cleaning
  • Arranged marble restoration for kitchen countertops and hallway entry floor
  • Repaired wood flooring in the basement
  • Looked into an ongoing problem with moisture in one area of the basement. Found the issue and repaired accordingly
  • Arranged security consultation for new locks on interior for additional security as part of an overall plan including reviewing cameras with Avante Security and obtaining quote for new keypads and interior contacts for windows and door
  • Had electrician return to install timers on all exterior lighting